Monday, June 06, 2011

Now Playing: X-Men: First Class

Yes, another prequel. At least it isn't a reboot.  For a blockbuster franchise, X-Men: First Class was actually done quite well. Can a brawny blockbuster be brainy too?

Plot-wise, the writers tried to keep some sense of continuity with the original movie trilogy. I mean, the opening scene is almost directly lifted from a previous iteration. I loved the cameo appearances of some big-name recognisable actors from the  previous movies as well. One glaring mistake is centred, however, around Emma Frost. In fact, it’s so obvious, I can only say that it was intentional. I’m sure you’ve seen the ubiquitous shots of January Jones playing Emma Frost as an adult contemporary of Charles and Erik; yet, there was a diamond-esque mutant names Emma (Kayla’s sister) in the Wolverine movie. I don’t think the timeline quite adds up. I’m sure Bryan Singer knows what he’s doing… this is huge, though. They’ll need to address it for sure.

Casting has always been excellent in these movies and, with the exception of the wooden acting of Ms. Jones, it is once-again outstanding. James McAvoy is a very convincing Charles Xavier and Michael Fassbender is just about perfect for Erik Lehnsherr. Jennifer Lawrence, who stole my heart in Winter’s Bone, continues to impress as Raven. And Kevin Bacon? …who saw that coming! Even he was pretty good as crazy bad guy Sebastian Shaw.

All in all, really, a solid movie – entertaining and clever. 3.5 our of 5 stars.

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