Saturday, December 22, 2012

Now Playing: Jack Reacher

Poppets, I am not a fan of Tom Cruise. I think he’s more than just crazy, I think he’s a dangerous influence on people. Many of his previous movies for which he gets much praise (Jerry Maguire, I’m looking at you), I easily dismiss as boring or trite. It hasn’t been until recently that we’re seeing a real change in his movie roles/choices. And even the last Mission Impossible movie was, well, good. Honestly, he must have the hardest working agent in Hollywood because even though everyone know he’s crazy, he doesn’t make bad movies (Battlefield Earth, I’m trying really hard to forget you ever existed*).

Enter: Jack Reacher.

This could have easily become a Bourne or Die Hard rip-off, it could’ve degenerated into a Cruise-pandering vehicle that became vacuous and shallow. And it wasn’t. What the heck? Jack Reacher, as a character, is the best example of a badass hero. He’s mean, crude, and poor but all his actions are driven by a core or justice that most of us can understand (but do nothing about). Best of all, he’s funny: “if he died, it’s from shame, cuz I was bein’ gentle”. This is the beginning of franchise, no doubt. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

(I wanted to see Killing Them Softly, but it’s already out of the theatre. If you, too, are looking for a break from the holiday crazy, but can’t wait until Christmas Day, this could be a good distraction.)

*Edit: it has been pointed out to me that perhaps I didn't realise that Tom Cruise wasn't in Battlefield Earth.  I know this; as I said, he doesn't really make bad movies, like his friend and fellow Scientologist, John Travolta.  Who was in Battlefield Earth.  Which was a very bad movie.)

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